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How to prepare for your session.


In any portrait, your face should always be the main point of interest, not your clothing. Choose color themes and clothing styles that best fit you.  Try to avoid busy patterns like strips or plaids; solid colors always photograph the best. Wear your favorite colors or that outfit you just couldn’t live without! If you feel good, you’ll look good. Above all else, when choosing your outfits, keep in mind the most important thing is that you like them.

Vary the style; you don’t want all your pictures looking the same. As a rule, light colors do best on light backgrounds, dark colors on dark backgrounds. Black & White portraits are best with black or dark clothing. The contrast between the skin and the black is what makes them look so dramatic. Bring dressy, medium, and casual – and bring more than what you think you will need.  It is always better to bring too much than too little and let's not forget to accessorize your outfits! Bring along hats, sunglasses, jackets, jewelry, scarfs, and anything else you want to finish off your outfit. We do both up close shots and full-length so be sure to dress from head to toe, including socks and shoes. (I know it sounds silly but you would be surprised how many people miss this little detail.)

Please bring your clothing pressed and on hangers. (You dont want to change into wrinkled clothes!) Remember to double check your total look from head to toe! Although the rules above are great, these are YOUR photos. Bring clothes you love and that you feel best wearing.  We photograph formals to swimsuits. As long as it is rated PG, the sky is the limit.


Bring them, I love using props! Bring props that help tell the story of who you are. Popular choices are: Sports equipment (soccer balls, basketball, baseballs & bats, hockey sticks, hurdles, golf clubs), uniforms, instruments (tubas to rock guitars), school jackets, dance outfits, family pets…you name it! If you are bringing in a pet please make sure to put that information in the additional space on the inquiry form.  Also, make sure you bring someone along who can take care of your pet while we shoot. Your own props help tell the story of who you are so choose wisely!


Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before the session. Wear your hair the way you usually do. Don’t try anything new because it  will only look unnatural. We suggest you style your hair as you do every day. You can also bring in clips, ponies, etc. to use to have a different look in some of your photos, but we will want to start with your hair down first to avoid a crease.


Nails DO show, so make sure they look nice. If they are chipping off or some funky color, they will show. Many of your casual shots are done barefoot, so same thing applies to toes. Light or natural color works best.


Ladies, wear a LITTLE more than your normal makeup – kind of what you would wear in the evening. Make sure your mascara is clean with no clumps. Try to keep the eyeliner to a minimum. It can make your eyes seem very dark.

Gentlemen, please make sure you are clean-shaven. Stubble retouching takes time and never looks as good as a close shave.


Keep it simple to keep the attention on YOU. We don’t want attention drawn to bright, bulky, and shiny jewelry.


Let’s face it – glasses glare. If possible, remove the lenses before you get here. Some optometrists will loan you an empty pair of frames similar to yours. Check with them.


AVOID SUNBURN AT ALL COST! Sunburn and peeling skin do not photograph well! Tan is OK, but burning is bad. Don’t overdo it – skin that looks dark and leathery doesn’t look too attractive. Tan lines also don’t look good in photos – we suggest you vary your swimsuit or use a tanning bed to minimize any marks.


Tip #1 - Get into it

The best way to get great pictures is by having a positive attitude. If you're excited and enjoying yourself, it shows up on every shot. Some of my best photos are from people who can't wait to see their pictures. Attitude makes a huge difference!

Tip #2 - Be Yourself

While the photographer will help with posing, don't be afraid to try something different. Not every picture needs to have a big smile. They should reflect several aspects of your personality. When asked to sit for a pose, sit naturally, as you would anywhere else. Make yourself comfortable and it's OK to move around!

Relax and let’s have some fun!!

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